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How Frequent One Should Color Their Hair

As summer draws near a lot of people are starting to consider switching up their hair color.

Whether you want to try something darker, lighter, or go all out with fluorescent colors, coloring your hair will always be a great way of expressing individuality and a fun way of showing your personality.

However, the health of your hair should come first, style second. Different hair colors are fantastic, but so is having beautiful and healthy natural hair.

So the age old question still remains, how frequent should you dye your hair?

Quick answer: it depends.

The dangers of dyeing your hair too much

Maybe you are the kind who’s style is always changing, maybe you love coloring your hair a different color on a weekly basis.

But, note that there are risks involved with frequent hair dyeing, even more so if what you are using is permanent color. Permanent hair dyes are a type of dyes that have a bleaching action to them, most of these products have chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide. You might think that these ingredients have a scary vibe but if used in moderation they are actually perfectly safe.

But frequent usage will lead to dry hair that is brittle. Frequent use of hair dyes won’t have any impact on your hair growth, although your hair might be growing fine as usual but you will notice the frequent occurrence of split ends if you overuse dyes.

Not all hair types are equal, so different hair types will have their own reaction to dyes in varied ways. One dye might work fine for one person and wreak havoc on another.

How frequent should you color?

You don’t really need to color your hair too often, what is recommended is that you dye your hair once every four to six weeks. And for permanent colors itsmeant to last up to six to eight weeks.

So how long can you dye your hair again? if your hair grows normally and your roots don’t start popping out at a shocking rate, 8 weeks should be good enough.

But in the case that your hair grows a bit faster than normal and you need frequent touch ups, 4 weeks is still perfectly fine. Just make sure that you follow a good conditioning and moisturizing routine. A properly nourished hair will be able to negate the damages caused by the dye itself.

Semi-permanent hair dyes are slightly different. This kind of dye is much gentler on the hair as they do not contain peroxide or ammonia and that they also fade away much faster. These kinds of dyes will usually go away after only six to twelve washes.

You can compare the different effects of demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and permanent hair colors and check out which works best for you.